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Former WWE Wrestler Says Sunny Doesn’t Deserve To Be In Hall of Fame

During a recent interview on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, former WWE Wrestler & current TNA Wrestler Tyrus (f.k.a Brodus Clay in WWE) said that Sunny doesn’t deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

He further notes that Sunny being in the Hall of Fame lowers its standards & qualifies just about anyone to be in it. Below is what he said:

“From the fan’s perspective, it’s like what are the qualifications to get in the Hall of Fame anymore? I’m not saying that she didn’t deserve… You know what? I’m saying Sunny probably didn’t deserve to go into the WWE Hall of Fame as far as managers. Just saying. I don’t remember anyone going like, ‘the incredible insight from Sunny drove us to that victory’. And here’s the funny thing, like, it opened the door for a lot of different people that probably wouldn’t have gotten into the Hall of Fame.”

Tyrus also noted that he has a very interesting bet with former WWE Superstar CM Punk. Here it is: “CM Punk and I, and this is the first time I’ll talk about this, we have a bet. We have a $20 bet on the Hall of Fame that Rosa Mendes goes into the Hall of Fame. Rosa Mendes goes to the Hall of Fame before or at the same time as CM Punk.”

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