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Former WWE Wrestler Says WWE Works By Blackmailing People, The Company Is Scared Of Him

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• Former WWE Wrestler Says WWE Works By Blackmailing People, The Company Is Scared Of Him

While speaking to Raj Giri of WrestlingInc, pro wrestling veteran Low Ki (fka Kaval in WWE) said that WWE is scared of him because they didn’t make him.

Here’s what he said:

“They’re scared. Why? Because they didn’t make me. Why? Because I’m groomed the old fashioned way. I gained my experience. I’m a journeyman, and on top of that, I perform at a higher level than those guys even think. So, why am I going to sit there and walk in?

I’m going to pay attention to the behaviors of the people who are supposed to be in charge, I pay attention to their behaviors, and I’m supposed to sit there and listen to them and watch how they treat other people? And I’m supposed to sit there and let them do the same thing to me? Notice, I don’t point anyone out and condemn them. Or even 10 years later, I don’t single anyone out and say they did this and they did that. I have plenty of those stories, but I haven’t done that. Why? Because I don’t need to.

Everyone who has left that company, how many of them speak positively? So I keep saying the same thing. I’m 10 years removed. You still have the same people in charge. So why do you think the same behaviors are occurring? So why do you think the same arguments are being made? Am I outspoken? I’m not outspoken, I’m honest. They don’t like that, especially when it’s going to destabilize their supposed frame of reference of being in charge.

Everywhere that I go, because I’m honest, I piss everyone off, because there’s a culture that exists in the environment of ‘this is how things are.’ I change that sh*t all the time, and I’m not trying to play games with anybody because there are things that have to be accomplished, and we don’t have time to waste.

It’s the culture that we’re always fighting against. Me being at my size, everybody has sh*t to say, but they never say it face to face. Why is that? I’m not walking around acting like a tough guy. When have you ever heard of me getting into fights with anybody outside? This is the thing that has always bugged me out. I’ve maintained my position as a true professional from the start. No matter what, everyone has something to say.”

He thinks that WWE still operates in the same way it used to because people are blackmailed there.

“I don’t worry about what people have to say, I never have. But the thing is I knew before going in there that they were terrified of somebody like me because I’m not intimidated. There’s a lot of fear that goes on there because people are hiding a lot of bad sh*t that they did and they don’t want people finding out about it.

But they got to try to make sure they’re holding something over someone else to make sure no one is keeping track of what they’re doing.

The thing is, this is not how you operate a business. But they’ve been allowed to do it for so long, and now they got new people coming into the environment, thinking that they can get away with these positions of authority, and they’re ruining the environment. If I’m not there, how am I able to articulate ideas that are still occurring in the PC and [I haven’t been] in the company for 10 years?

They only come from assessment, because I’m paying attention. I understand how to get people to produce, but I’m not going to insult anybody’s intelligence by doing so.”

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