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Former WWE Wrestler, Who’s Now In AEW, Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Ariela Nyx

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• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Veteran Big Vito (Real name: Vito LoGrasso) celebrates his 56th birthday.

Vito used to wrestle for the World Wrestling Federation during the early 90s as an enhancement talent with the names “Von Krus” & “Skull Von Krush”, before joining Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1999, where he became a member of Da Baldies.

By the end of 1999, he joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where he was a member of The Mamalukes alongside Johnny The Bull Stamboli & Tony Marinara.

Vito stayed with WCW till the company was sold to Vince McMahon in 2001, but – unlike many WCW Wrestlers – he did not join the WWF right away, but only signed a World Wrestling Entertainment contract in 2005 and became a member of the WWE’s version of The Full Blooded Italians (F.B.I.).


• Former WWE Wrestler, Who’s Now In AEW, Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Ariela Nyx

Indy Wrestler Ariela Nyx has now come out to share her story of being sexually harassed. She has accused a former WWE wrestler of harassing her, who is married, and now works for AEW.

Below is what she posted:

“Back in 2013, before I was in the business, a friend and I flew out to LA for SummerSlam weekend. The night before the PPV, we decided to check out the hotel bar where talent was staying. A lot of people were there and we had a great time.

One particular wrestler, who was very drunk, kept hitting on me and practically was begging me to spend the night with him. I was caught off guard, especially since he’s married, but told him no. As we were leaving, my friend wanted to get a picture with him.

We walked over to him and before we could say anything, he physically grabbed us and threw us in the elevator to take us to his room. Then while in the elevator, he pushed me to the wall and started kissing me. I had no clue what to do. He brought us to his room, where he proceeded to beg me to stay for about 20 min and kept trying to get my friend to leave me with him. He finally realized nothing was going to happen and he let us go, not before trying to pull my top down as I was leaving.

I had no clue how to feel and was just grateful he finally let us go. I knew I wouldn’t have been able to fight him off if he had tried to take things further. But the weird thing is, I never felt like a victim. It wasn’t until in the past year, and hearing other women’s experiences, how serious this situation was. Again, I was just grateful he let me go. I have been booked on the same show twice with him and just made sure I stood as far away as possible. Both times I could feel him checking me out the whole time and trying to figure out where he knew me from.

All of the women that have come out with their stories inspired me to tell mine. I wanted to share my story in support of these women, not in looking for sympathy or trying to ruin the guy’s career. I know my story is no where near as worse as others, but these actions are not ok, no matter how big or small. Thank you to all of the women that were strong enough to tell their story. You will always have my support.”

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