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Former WWE Writer Talks About Vince McMahon Being Open To Bringing His Brother On WWE TV During His Death Angle

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During an appearance on “The World According To Wrestling” podcast, former WWE writer Court Bauer revealed that Vince McMahon’s brother was supposed to appear on WWE programming after Vince’s death storyline in 2007, but the plans got nixed after Vince’s death storyline was dropped due to the Chris Benoit tragedy.

In an interview with WrestlingInc, Court Bauer talked about this planned storyline and how Vince McMahon was open to bringing his brother to WWE TV:

“None of us know anyone’s family situation and you don’t know if there’s any sensitive issues or concerns, so you don’t know how that was gonna be received. He was receptive and then I guess he made the arrangements to have his brother and their family in some capacity participate in the funeral. The hope was, like with anything with the McMahon family, is it takes a life onto itself and it would then take a direction in which we would now reveal more McMahons.

Roderick McMahon was kind of like our holy grail in a lot of ways in that, ‘Vince has a brother?’ Imagine Vince having someone he grew up with, what would that rapport be like on screen? Two brothers. Vince was always the patriarch and now, not exactly. There’s another McMahon. It would’ve at the very least given Vince something in terms of a power dynamic to play off of. It was really endless and I think for a lot of people that read our discussion about this, I bet their imaginations ran away with where that could’ve gone. Maybe it could’ve been a flop, just don’t know.”

You can watch Vince McMahon’s death angle from 2007 below:

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