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Former WWF Champion Hoping To Return Soon, Bruce Prichard Reveals Backstage Reaction To John Cena – Batista Botching The Royal Rumble 2005 Finish

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (JANUARY 17, 1994) – Macho Man vs. I.R.S.

On this day in 1994, during an episode of WWF Monday Night RAW, “The Macho Man” Randy Savage wrestled “I.R.S.” Irwin R. Schyster (Old School WWF/NWA Veteran Mike Rotunda).

At that time Savage was more of a commentator, than actually wrestling, which eventually led to him leaving the World Wrestling Federation for Ted Turner’s WCW later that year.

You can watch it below:

• Bruce Prichard Reveals Backstage Reaction To John Cena – Batista Botching The Royal Rumble 2005 Finish

During a recent appearance on the WrestlingInc podcast, Old School WWF Veteran Bruce Prichard (Brother Love) revealed the backstage reaction to John Cena – Batista botching the Royal Rumble 2005 finish. Below is what he said:

“The initial reaction was, ‘F**k!’ The second reaction was, ‘Let’s take a look at it and see if, hopefully, Cena hit first’. We looked at it and every angle, there was no angle that you can even argue that Cena hit first, they hit precisely at the same time.

You couldn’t have planned this better, they landed at the same time so Vince just went out and decided, ‘Start it over, g*ddamnit, just get them out of there!'”

Prichard then revealed a booking botch from the first ever Royal Rumble match:

“Sometimes it’s not a perfect world, it ain’t ballet, and things are gonna happen, so you make the best of it and you adapt. The very first Royal Rumble we ever did, Pat Patterson laid it out and we forgot to get Rick Martel out.

He knew he wasn’t winning, but he just stayed in because he didn’t have anybody to eliminate him. He was still in the ring for a long time and we’re looking at it and I’m going, ‘Who’s getting Martel out? We gotta get Martel out of there.’

So the next guy we sent down we said, ‘Go in and tell Martel, just eliminate Martel, get him out of there.'”

• Former WWF Champion Hoping To Return Soon

During a recent interview with Uproxx, former WWF Champion The Big Show noted that he’s hoping to return to WWE TV soon:

“Hopefully soon. I had some hip surgery at the end of September, which has been fantastic for me. It’s what they call hip resurfacing, now I gotta nice shiny titanium joint that’s really smooth, and more range of motion, it’s even stronger.

I’m just following my physical rehab protocol right now, and making sure all that’s strong and healed up. I gotta give it a few months for the metal to grow into the bone so to speak, so it becomes a more solid unit, then hopefully first of the year I’ll be back of action.”

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