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Former WWF Champion Recalls Roddy Piper Almost Dying After Getting Stabbed

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• Former WWF Champion Recalls Roddy Piper Almost Dying After Getting Stabbed

During an interview with Bill Apter, former WWF Champion Sgt. Slaughter recalled an incident in Raleigh, North Carolina for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, where Roddy Piper almost died.

Below is what Slaughter said:

“We were watching an Ivan Kowolski match and standing there watching and we saw in the hallway – this gentleman was beating this little girl, his granddaughter, or whatever it was. So Roddy [Piper] said ‘I don’t like that.’

By the time I got there, the incident had already happened. As soon as I got into the arena again and Roddy got him down and there were two police offers, one with a gun pointed at that man’s head.

And the chamber was going back. And the other cop told him not to shoot.

Roddy kept asking the main police officer, ‘Can I talk to the guy? Can I just talk to the guy for a second?’. They said ‘Roddy, don’t worry, we got the guy.’

After four or five of those, the officers said, ‘Why do you want to talk to him so badly?’ And Roddy took his hand off his chest and said ‘because the guy stabbed me.’

And the blood squirted on the officer’s head thrice with each heartbeat.

He said ‘I just wanted to show you something.’ So he squeezed his fingers to prevent blood from coming out and took a little metal straw and started putting it into Roddy’s chest and kept going down and down and down and said ‘hear that?’.

And he said that the knife was a quarter of an inch away from him dying, but he was ok.”

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