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Former WWF Champion Tests Positive For COVID-19

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• Former WWF Champion Tests Positive For COVID-19

Former WWF Champion Mick Foley took to Twitter tonight to announce that he tested positive for Coronavirus.

Foley shared a video in which he revealed that he did a virtual signing on December 12th and caught the virus from one person who was present there. He said that there were 2 people with him in the room, and both of them were wearing masks.

However, when he took off the mask for a while, he caught the virus. The person started experiencing symptoms that night, and informed Foley about it.

Foley added that he faced body aches, loss of smell, affected hearing and got easily fatigued.

He’s been in quarantine for the past 18 days.

You can read his tweet and watch the video below:

“I tested positive for COVID following a December virtual signing, and have been isolating in a hotel room for the past 18 days.

Please continue to take this virus seriously – mask up, social distance, look out for one another.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy new year.”

WWF Old School/WrestleFeed wishes a speedy recovery to The Hardcore Legend!

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March 10, 1958 – January 1, 2008

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