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Former WWF Gimmick Returns, Former WWE Wrestler Thinks Emma Out-Performed Asuka At TLC 2017, Video of Kane Taking on Sting In WCW


Former WWE Wrestler Thinks Emma Out-Performed Asuka At TLC 2017

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WCW & WWE wrestler “Big” Vito LoGrasso talked about Asuka’s WWE main roster debut match at TLC 2017 PPV against Emma. Below is his conversation with co-host Jeff Lane:

Vito: This young lady who came up tonight, she’s supposed to be undefeated, the most terrorizing, polarizing figure. And I have to tell you if you were an honest wrestling fan, Emma was the one who looked dominating and strong and charismatic.

(Asuka) This girl really didn’t do anything to impress me. I am sorry, she just did not. She does have a different look, pretty face, the hair, the costume, the gimmick. Yes, I get it. As far as anything she did in the ring, she didn’t do anything to stand out tonight.

Emma asserted herself as a real heel. Emma came with her ‘A’ game tonight and brought it to the table. I don’t care what you say guys, Emma won the match by using her talent. She didn’t have to go over, but she won it on talent. I’m telling you she’s got a future, WWE Title run in her.

Everybody talked about Alicia Fox. Alicia Fox, she doesn’t look like much. She wasn’t a great wrestler, but she was champion for a reason. They gave her a little run.

Emma proved she can hang with the big boys. And ‘A1’ for her tonight. The other girl, I guess I’m gonna have to see her wrestle some more because she really didn’t do it for me.

Jeff: I thought it was laid out kind of like a traditional match where the heel gets the heat for the majority of the match and the babyface makes the comeback at the end and gets the win.

A lot of times we don’t see that with debuting superstars, especially when everybody knew that Asuka was going over here. So was that surprising to you that they went this route?

Vito: No, I mean they had to put her in there a strong heel and I would have expected a little bit more flash, a little pizzazz, a little something on the comeback.

But remember, they did this to Nakamura when he was brought up to SmackDown Live. He had the good entrance like this young lady. He had the notoriety, the strong style, everything that you could possibly have. And then when he got in there he was selling all over the places.

They took away his charisma. Even now you could see that Nakamura is not an ‘A’ player. He doesn’t have the ‘A’ factor. This girl they brought up, she just didn’t have it.

Former WWF Gimmick Returns

Old School WWF, WCW & ECW Veteran 2 Cold Scorpio brought his WWF gimmick of “Flash Funk” back at a Great North Wrestling event. You can watch it below:

Video of Kane Taking on Sting In WCW

Below is a video of Sting taking on Kane (then known as Bruiser Mastino) in WCW in 1993:

Speaking of Kane & Sting, below is a recent photo of them together:

Kane & Sting 2017

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