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Former WWF/WCW World Champion Says CM Punk’s WWE Return Promo Was Hard To Believe

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During the latest episode of his ‘Kliq This’ podcast, 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash discussed CM Punk returning to WWE.

Below are the highlights:

Triple H bringing back CM Punk and his issues with Punk resulting in HHH changing plans & deciding to defeat him at Night Of Champions 2011:

“It’s funny now that Vince (McMahon) has taken a backseat in this whole thing, I see Paul (Levesque aka Triple H), like, he owns it now. He has ownership of that company as far as when they say he’s creative. His demeanor, his pacing, I mean, he is in complete control of that situation.

There’s never been anybody of his talent in the ring. I mean, when he was with us, we were all ruthless and we were all very driven for our success. It’s such a different Paul now.

I know that when I was supposed to wrestle Punk, you know, he just got under Triple H’s skin so bad. Paul just came up to me and just said. ‘I’m going to beat him. You’re not gonna wrestle him. I’m beating him.’ I’m like, ‘Cool’. That’s why me and Punk never wrestled. He’s said, ‘I gotta beat this f**ker.'”

Punk’s WWE return promo on RAW after Survivor Series 2023:

“For somebody who’s so pipebomb, it just felt very contrived. Then at the end, you know, oh sh*t, I better slip this in so I have some credibility, ‘I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to make money.’ I’ve heard that before.

10 Years ago, he walked around with a hydrocollator pad on his lower back. He’s been beat up. He worked a very, I’m not gonna say reckless, but just a very indy style for those years in Ring of Honor. He put miles on his body early.”

CM Punk’s next WWE TV appearance will be on this Friday’s “Tribute To The Troops” edition of SmackDown. Also, Adam Pearce has invited Punk to next week’s RAW, where he will try to sign him to an exclusive contract with the red brand.

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