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Former WWF Writer Says He’s Embarrassed To Call Kurt Angle A Friend Because He Shouldn’t Have Friends That Are Pu$$ies, New Raw Champs To Be Transitional Champions?

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Former WWF Writer Says He’s Embarrassed To Call Kurt Angle A Friend Because He Shouldn’t Have Friends That Are Pu$$ies

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo, WWE & WCW Veteran Vito LoGrasso, OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin and co-host Jeff Lane talked about last week’s episode of Raw. Below are the highlights:

On Kurt Angle’s castration and putting Jason Jordan on Team Raw:

Russo: Let me explain to everybody what’s gonna happen here before it ever happens and why it’s gonna suck. First of all, obviously three weeks ago the castration of Kurt Angle began. If you think Raw is unbearable now, wait till Stephanie and Triple H come back because that’s right around the corner for 2018.

Kurt is done. The writing is on the walls. They have written Kurt to be the biggest pu$$y. I’m almost embarrassed to call Kurt Angle a friend because I shouldn’t have friends that are such pu$$ies like this. They’ve made this guy out to be the biggest pu$$y in the world when legitimately, maybe outside of Brock Lesnar, at his age Kurt Angle could kill anybody on that roster. But somehow he’s turned into a cowering freakin’ fool over the last three weeks apologizing to Daniel Bryan.

Then Jason Jordan comes on. He puts Jason Jordan on the team. I’m telling you right now – it’s going to come out that Jason Jordan was never Kurt Angle’s kid. Either he was a plant from SmackDown…..I don’t know. It’s gonna come out he’s not his kid. It was all a ruse. That’s going to come out.

But here’s the freaking problem with these freaking writers and why they should be freaking writing in preschool and not for network television. They have not built a bond between Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan. There’s no bond there. There was a bond the first two or three weeks then they went their separate way.

Now all of a sudden he put Jason on the team. Jason’s probably gonna screw him. He’s probably gonna lose his job and nobody’s going to give a f*** because they did not build those two correctly. They don’t know how to do things correctly. These frickin’ SmackDown invades Raw show and Kurt is apologizing to Daniel Bryan! And frickin’ Shane is dogging him up and down. He’s getting dogged everywhere he goes.

Kenny: Well, my opinion on this is – I’ve never seen a guy that looked more jacked and looked more like a star as in Jason Jordan who has more trouble getting over with the crowds and I’m not only talking about the Manchester crowds. It doesn’t seem like there’s five fans in the building that give a rat’s a** that he’s on the card or not.

I don’t know what you guys are picking up on this, but he just flat is not getting over. Looks like a star. Now if I had anything to say about it, my idea would be to put him with Shelton Benjamin and have them two as partners because they’re salt and pepper. I mean the similar looks, similar styles I would think.

Vito: He is not ready for a singles run. He is a tag team wrestler. He is a sidearm. He is a sidepiece. He does not belong in a singles push. He’s not ready. He’s not believable. His work is unsure. His promos are unsure. When he was in the tag team, he was good.

On The New Day costing Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose the Raw Tag Team Titles:

Jeff: I just don’t understand how this makes any type of sense. New Day is not even in the Survivor Series. So The Usos face the winner at the pay per view. Why does it benefit New Day to have Sheamus and Cesaro who are also on Raw, they’re the exact same as Rollins and Ambrose, how does it benefit them to have the titles change hand? How did they screw Raw by having the Raw titles change hands to another Raw team? The logic of this just isn’t there for me.

Vito: They were not going to sacrifice The Shield to lose to The Usos. The new tag team champions are going to be sacrificed for The Uso brothers. The Uso brothers are not going to lose this because they are the best tag team that the WWE has.

The fact that New Day came in, the Shield doesn’t have an opponent at the Survivor Series so that sets up the Shield getting together to fight the New Day, three on three. That’s why they had a screw job finish which I thought was the greatest finish I have ever seen in a long time in WWE where they have the interruption, everybody forgot the match, they ran out of it with the titles. That was great.

But those are transition champions fellas. Sheamus and Cesaro are gonna lose to The Usos. They’re gonna come back and they’re gonna drop the titles real soon. And then you’re gonna see the end of Cesaro and Sheamus.

Russo: Keep in mind guys, there is supposed to be a big war going on between Raw and SmackDown. They’re under sieged within their own company. So my first problem is it’s a Raw show, right? You’re gonna send three guys to a building that has 30 guys from the other show. That’s hole number one.

Here’s hole number two. Did you see freaking Rollins and the bald guy? Did you see them freaking sell when New Day walked in and got on the mic? You know what would have been fantastic? What would have been fantastic, if they would have shot with it and they didn’t have Rollins and Ambrose acting like two idiots who just saw a ghost – Oh my god! New Day is in the house. Holy f*** New Day is in the house.

What would have been classic bro is if they would have continued the match and just let New Day cut their promo and not pay any attention to them. But the fact that they sent three guys to Raw when there’s 30 guys already there and the fact that those guys sold freaking New Day, it was so freaking ridiculous and stupid.


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