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Four WrestleMania 33 Matches To Be Announced Tonight On SmackDown Live

WWE is teasing that the WrestleMania 33 matches of the following three Champions will be announced tonight on SmackDown Live: Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Champion), Alexa Bliss (SmackDown Women’s Champion) and American Alpha (SmackDown Tag Team Champions).

Also, Bray Wyatt’s opponent will be determined as well. So in total, 4 WrestleMania 33 matches will be announced tonight on SmackDown Live.

Below is what WWE posted:

“While it looks as if WWE Champion Bray Wyatt’s WrestleMania opponent may finally be decided this Tuesday night on SmackDown LIVE, the No. 1 contenders for the Intercontinental, SmackDown Women’s and SmackDown Tag Team Titles at The Showcase of the Immortals are still very much up for grabs.

While there is no denying that Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose has drawn the ire of Baron Corbin in recent weeks, there is no guarantee that any conflict between them will take place in an organized title match. When you consider the volatile nature of both The Lunatic Fringe and The Lone Wolf, chances are just as good that they will end up clashing in an unsanctioned brawl in some dark corner of the arena. Moreover, Corbin is not the only potential challenger to Ambrose’s title. Certainly, whoever loses this week between Randy Orton and AJ Styles could end up looking to overtake Ambrose, not to mention past adversaries like The Miz or Dolph Ziggler.

As far as two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is concerned, anything is possible. Becky Lynch continues to stand toe-to-toe with the Wicked Witch of WWE. In addition, after some questionable statements last week from Natalya, there is a strong possibly that The Queen of Hart-less may also be gunning for a title opportunity. When it comes down to it, in a time where the Women’s division is arguably stronger than it ever has ever been, any of Team Blue’s female competitors could step up to try and take Alexa’s place on top of the mountain.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions American Alpha are definitely “Ready, Willing and Gable” to take on all comers. While The Usos have set their sights on their long-standing foes, with only four SmackDown LIVEs left before WWE steps onto The Grandest Stage of Them All, you never know who will challenge Chad Gable & Jason Jordan, or if American Alpha will even have the titles when the time comes.”


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