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Frankie Kazarian Reveals Why He Left AEW

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Frankie Kazarian most famously wrestled for Total Nonstop Action! (2003-2005, 2006-2014), World Wrestling Entertainment (2005) and All Elite Wrestling (2019-2022), before he returned to IMPACT Wrestling (fka TNA) on a full-time basis.

During a recent interview on ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast, Kaz revealed why he left Tony Khan’s AEW, despite having 2 more years left on his contract.

Here’s what Kazarian had to say:

“When I left last year, I still had two years left on my contract when I left. I made the decision to leave. I still had two years left. I probably could have been there much longer.

I re-signed at the end of 2021 and hindsight being what it is, I probably shouldn’t have, but again, AEW, I was there since before day one. I was there when this was a germ of an idea.

I was there discussing this company when they didn’t even have initials attached to them in these rooms with Cody and The Bucks and Page and Sky and C.D. So again, I was committed.

I was like I want to try to, you know, ride this thing out.

It just became apparent to me that what I like and what I appreciate about pro wrestling and the way I like it presented was not happening at AEW, and that’s not an indictment of them.

It’s just what they perceive as good television wrestling and what I do are different things, and just the business model, everything.”

Frankie Kazarian was the inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champion, along with Scorpio Sky.

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