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Gable Steveson Has Become Serious About His WWE Career

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Gable Steveson appears to have fully committed to WWE, indicating that his amateur wrestling days, including a potential return for the 2024 Olympics, are likely over.

Despite not being featured on television since last summer, Steveson has participated in a few live events in NXT, with his sole TV match resulting in a no-contest against Baron Corbin at NXT The Great American 2023.

Recently, he worked a dark match at a SmackDown event, with plans for more appearances in the coming weeks.

University of Minnesota coach Brandon Eggum said the following about Steveson:

“A quick update on Gable Steveson. Unfortunately, he will not be able to compete for us this season. He is a great competitor. He’s always wanted to compete for the University of Minnesota.

But ultimately, the WWE would prefer that he’s solely focused on his professional wrestling career at this time. So whenever he’s not at the WWE Performance Center down in Florida, he’s up here in our realm working with our heavyweights, which is awesome.

We just can’t thank him enough for the impact he’s had on our program. We’ve loved following him and watching him compete on the mat.

He’s amazing, and now we’re excited to watch him in his WWE career, so thank you, Gable Steveson, from our program and from all the Gopher fans across the country and the world, and we look forward to watching you in your career here moving forward.”

Speaking of Steveson, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle thinks Steveson needs a proper character to become entertaining instead of just being an amateur wrestler.

Here’s what Angle said in an interview with Chris Van Vliet:

“First of all, he’s an incredible athlete. You know, he is not only incredible on the mat wrestling, I mean, this kid, you know, he can do backflips. He’s really athletic, super athletic and I think he’s gonna have a great future.

I just don’t know how entertaining he’s gonna be. I know that he loves to talk. A lot of his friends that I talked to say he’s kind of a loudmouth, which is kind of good because you want to be able to, you don’t want to be shy when you’re in this.

You know, I was a shy kid, and when I went to WWE, I had to learn how to suck it up and just go out there and put everything on the line and it was really a hard transition for me. But I think Gable Steveson will have the same thing.

He’ll probably, have to, you know, break that mold of being an amateur wrestler, because as an amateur wrestler, you show no emotion. You go out there and you focus and you wrestle. It’s not like pro wrestling where we have to show the people emotion.

You have to show if you’re scared, or if you’re mad, if you’re, you know, excited. So there’s a lot. You have to have incredible charisma and I think that Gable has that. I just don’t know how well he’s going to translate that when he starts talking.

I do remember doing a pre-tape with him in Pittsburgh and he did all right. You know, he didn’t do incredibly well, but he did well, that was like, okay, this kid, he has potential.

I think he’s going to be pretty good and so I expect him to have a great career. I don’t know if he’s going to have the career I had, but I think he could, definitely.”

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