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1. Bobby Roode Feuding With Former Universal Champion Soon? Plans For Goldust Dropped

– As we have noted before, former NXT Champion and SmackDown Live Superstar “Glorious” Bobby Roode will be feuding with former World Champion Dolph Ziggler heading into next month’s Hell In A Cell 2017 PPV.

Roode is expected to face Ziggler at the Hell In A Cell 2017 PPV and defeat him (similar to what Ziggler did with Shinsuke Nakamura earlier this year). According to PWInsider, speculation is going on that WWE officials might be booking a feud between Roode and former Universal Champion Kevin Owens after next month’s PPV.

If this feud gets booked post-Hell in a Cell PPV, then expect Owens to defeat Shane McMahon in their Hell in a Cell match. It should be noted that Roode is currently being groomed to take John Cena’s place as one of the top babyfaces of SmackDown Live (since Cena is on Raw now).

– There was a storyline last month where Goldust was scouting a new protege and noted that he’ll be announcing who his protege will be at SummerSlam 2017. But that never happened.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that Goldust’s storyline quite possibly got nixed. Goldust was featured in a match on this week’s episode of Raw, where he faced former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt. You can watch it below:

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