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GFW Announcer Talks About Kurt Angle Injuring His Face, Nikki Bella’s SummerSlam 2017 Role Revealed?

GFW Announcer Talks About Kurt Angle Injuring His Face

During a recent appearance on the WrestlingInc podcast, GFW ring announcer David Penzer talked about getting his face injured at the hands of Kurt Angle back in 2008. Below is what he said about it:

“I mean, it was written out, it was planned. I had a company back in the day, I still have it now, it’s Seasonal Now. I was at a trade show in Orlando actually that day and I got to the TV like an hour before. I normally would have been there all day for the production meeting and all that and found out, so we didn’t really have time to go through it. So it probably was one of the reasons. But look, Kurt lays stuff in. Most of the athletes he competes against, they just take it because they’re athletes. I’m a 5’6 non-athletic SOB who was pushing 40-something at the time and so I looked like the elephant man on both sides of my face for about a week and a half.

Yeah, we still joke about it when I see him. I do stuff with the Legends of Wrestling. We did a big show in Shea Stadium and we do different kind of events all over the country for sports franchises and radio stations and stuff like that. Before Kurt went back to WWE, we would use Kurt for appearances and stuff and we’d always joke about it and stuff like that. He’s a super nice guy and he certainly didn’t mean to do it, he didn’t do it on purpose. It was just one of those things where he lays stuff in and he laid it in a little bit and caught the wrong spot and my face exploded.”

Nikki Bella’s SummerSlam 2017 Role Revealed?

Mr. Money In The Bank Baron Corbin and Nikki Bella have been going back & forth on Twitter (as Corbin is feuding with John Cena) and Nikki noted that she’ll be ringside at SummerSlam 2017 to watch Cena take on Corbin:

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