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Girl Accuses Ronnie Radke Of Being Rude To Her, Paige Responds With Legal Threats

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• Girl Accuses Ronnie Radke Of Being Rude To Her, Paige Responds With Legal Threats

A Twitter user @ashhpotato took to Twitter on Friday night to accuse WWE star Paige’s boyfriend, Ronnie Radke, of rude behaviour when she met him in 2017.

You can read her full story below:

“When I was on warped tour, I got sent to interview him in Vegas, the ONE day that FIR played & he was super rude & snappy to me, so much so that his dad came up to me & apologized, then during their set I was scared he was going to hit me/every other crew member near/on stage…

Bc he started getting very hostile & violent toward the sound guy & then the lighting guy & threatened the lighting guy telling him he was a piece of sh*t & doesn’t deserve to be alive etc. & told everyone to harass him from the crowd.
-the 2017 vwt pit reporter

This happened in 2017 and I luckily haven’t seen him since. I don’t plan to ever be around him ever again tbh

He’s such a toxic and scary person”

Earlier today, she shared a screenshot of a message from Paige in which the WWE star told her that the things she’s accusing Radke of never happened, and told her that she’d take legal action against her if she doesn’t take the tweets down.

Below is what the message read:

“Girl, none of that ever happened. You are the problem. That girl you are supporting sold our address to people. Now she’s playing victim because she got called out.

We have lawyers and cops involved and they’re setting up a case against her. The more she does the more it helps our case. She will not be getting away with doing something so disgusting and illegal. She put our safety at risk.

As for you..that never happened girl and you know it. Don’t lie about his father and don’t lie about him. He’s a good person. You reading bs on the internet and believing it makes you the problem.

This is the kinda thing that gets people like you trouble. I’ll give you a chance to take a down, if not this will be going to the lawyers too. People like you need to be stopped. Posting stuff for attention and likes. It’s a shame.”

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