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“Give us a chance” – AEW Star On Collision’s Falling Viewership

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AEW Collision recently debuted on Saturday nights. The debut episode featured the controversial return of CM Punk.

Punk is a regular on Collision and will mostly appear on this show, and not Dynamite on Wednesday, due to his real-life issues with The Elite.

Below are the viewership and 18-49 demo ratings numbers for Collision so far:

June 17 – 816,000 viewers with a 0.33 rating

June 24 – 595,000 viewers with a 0.21 rating

July 1 – 432,000 viewers with a 0.13 rating

Former WWE personality Jonathan Coachman tweeted the following about the drop in viewership for Collision:

“Tony is buying way too much into hardcore wrestling fans and not paying attention to what actually works in entertainment.

I would have started more social and TikTok content before ear marking tens of millions and cutting your talent roster in half.

Saturday’s are for House Shows and PPV. Period.”

A fan named Kyle tagged Coach and wrote:

“Somebody should’ve warned them.”

Coach replied:

“Kyle what do I know. Been out of the business too long. You don’t know AEW fans. You’re an idiot – just watch Tony will show you.

Let me repeat myself for those except Kyle who clearly listened – wrestling shoes do not work on Saturdays. Never have. Never will. Now you all can try…”

AEW World Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood of FTR saw Coach’s tweet and replied:

“Hey Coach. We’re trying to build a brand. It will take time; we understand that. Hopefully you do too!

This roster absolutely loves wrestling. Like, an entity. LOVES it. I know you probably can’t relate to that. Will this Saturday night TV show endeavor work? Who knows.

What I do know is, we’ll all work our a$$es off to MAKE it work. I hope you, & people like you, give us an opportunity to show you, professional wrestling IS alive.

I know you know how Monday nights work, but maybe you’ll give us more than 3 weeks to make this work.

If not, you’re more than welcome to tell me I’m wrong. What I’m not wrong about is, wrestling fans love wrestling. And we’ll always work to make them proud. Give us a chance.”

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