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Goldberg Has Already Taken The First Step Towards His Retirement Tour

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• Goldberg Has Already Taken The First Step Towards His Retirement Tour

During an interview on 93.7 The Ticket, Goldberg revealed that he had a handshake agreement with Vince McMahon about a retirement match.

Below is what he said:

“I’ll stop the rumor mill right now. The reason the rumors are out there is because Vince McMahon and I had a handshake understanding that after the Roman Reigns match that I would have a proper retirement match. And that hasn’t come to fruition through them and therefore… nobody puts a stamp on my career.

Nobody tells me when I’m done. Period. End of story. When somebody tells me that, I kind of like to fight against it. I like to do things my own way. I go out my own way, and I certainly don’t go out under Roman Reigns 3 weeks after I have COVID and agreed to do a match.

If I go on a world tour and promote it myself, that’s a possibility. Hey, I’m a businessman, and I’m fortunately, you know, in the position I firmly believe to where I can still make it happen.

At the end of the day, like I said, I do believe that my character deserves a proper send-off. Until that happens man, I don’t believe I’m hanging them up, you know.

Anything and everything is an option. I’m very much leaning towards promoting it myself and doing a four-city world tour. So, let the rumor mill start up after that.”

With WWE not renewing Goldberg’s contract and Vince no longer running the creative, it looks like Goldberg won’t get a retirement match in WWE and he knows it too.

According to PWInsider, Goldberg met with at least one international promoter during the WrestleMania 39 week in Los Angeles.

Goldberg discussed having a farewell tour / celebration show in Israel and possibly other countries.

We’ll keep you updated regarding this situation.

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