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Goldberg Reveals If He’s Retired From In-Ring Competition

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving Goldberg and The Rock.

• It’s been over 2 years since Goldberg has wrestled a match.

His last match to date took place at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022, where he lost to Roman Reigns in a Universal Championship match.

During an interview on the Drinkin’ Bros. podcast, Goldberg was asked if he’s retired from in-ring competition.

Here’s what the 57-year-old WCW Legend said:

“When you’re a professional wrestler by trade, you never retire until you’re dead. I’ve been asked a couple times, but it’s hard to break me away.

I’ve been hanging on the sidelines for 4 years with my son. My wife and I moved here for the sole reason of watching our son grow up in an unbelievable surrounding and it’s been fabulous.

Living out that script for the last four years, me not having to go back and forth to Hollywood and do anything and be able to set our time aside because he plays baseball, he plays football, so we’ve just been parents for four years and it’s just been the best part of my life. It’s awesome.”

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• During an interview with ESPN, The Rock said the following about his WWE future:

“I’m not off the board after WrestleMania. I’m still on the board, and I will always be a part of this. And we are in it now. This is our thing and will forever be our thing.”

Former WWE Writer Brian Gewirtz, who works on The Rock’s creative content, said the following:

“I do think there’s gonna be a Rock presence in WWE going forward until whenever he doesn’t want to. I could definitely say that this isn’t [over a] day after WrestleMania, and I’m gonna go off into the sunset now.”

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