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Goldberg Reveals Why Dream Match With Stone Cold Steve Austin Didn’t Happen

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• Goldberg Reveals Why Dream Match With Stone Cold Steve Austin Didn’t Happen

In 1998, one of the biggest dream matches that a wrestling fan could think of was WWF’s Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. WCW’s Goldberg.

However, this match never happened.

During an appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast, Goldberg explained why a match against The Texas Rattlesnake never took place in WWE.

Below is what the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion said:

“There’s no question that I wish it would have happened. I mean, that was the match to have.

Why it never happened? I think 90% of the reasoning behind that was his neck issues.

And my thing is moves, right? Whether it’d be the Spear, whether it be the Jackhammer, I don’t think those are moves that he would have wanted to do, nor what his boss would have wanted him to do.

I think it was the safety issue more so than anything, but it was never really discussed. We were never really in a room together and it wasn’t a subject matter. And I always wish that it was, I never really brought it up. Because again, that’s not my place.

I like to think that I show up and I do what people tell me to do and I tried to do it to the best of my ability.

So I wasn’t ever politicking for it, but there’s no question that it’s a dream match that never happened.”

Austin originally retired from in-ring competition at WrestleMania 19 (he only wrestled one more match after this, 19 years later at WrestleMania 38) and Goldberg debuted in WWE on the RAW after WrestleMania 19.

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