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2. “God you know what, it wouldn’t surprise me” – Road Warrior Animal On If Rick Rude’s Death Was A Suicide

During a recent interview with Hannibal TV, WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal talked about his late friend and fellow Hall of Famer Rick Rude. During the interview, Animal was asked if he thinks Rude’s death was a suicide. Below is what Animal had to say:

“You know I knew Rude since high school and – God you know what, it wouldn’t surprise me. I don’t think it was that, but I knew Rude had a little bit of a depression problem. For the way he looked, all ripped up and looked good, he had a little bit of a self conscious issue. He was wondering how he looked and how he was. So that kind of doesn’t surprise me.

I know for a fact cause I know Rude real well, yeah he smoked a lot but he was Percocet guy, I knew that for sure. I think that’s one of the drugs he OD’d on. I never read a toxicology report, I don’t know what exactly he died from, but he and I found some Greek place and we got to talking a lot. I see the tendency – I see what you’re talking about. I can see that can be a possibility, but I really can’t say for sure man.

We were friends up till he died. I went to his funeral after it happened. It was – when you’re going to the mausoleum it’s a shame to see a guy that young pass away.”

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