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Goofy Booking On Raw Leading To A Triple Threat Title Match? WWF Veteran Comments On WWE Booking Kurt Angle’s General Manager Character As A Guy With No Backbone

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During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, WWF Veteran Taz discussed last week’s opening segment of Raw between Kurt Angle, Jason Jordan, Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns & Samoa Joe.

Taz talked about how WWE keeps on booking Kurt Angle’s General Manager character as a guy with no backbone and how he has to keep putting Stephanie McMahon over, goofy booking after Intercontinental Title match and possible Triple Threat match coming.

Below is what Taz said:

“I wasn’t crazy about most of the show, but some of the things jumped out to me that were pretty cool. If you go up to the top of the show, I was okay with the fact Kurt Angle started off. I would like to see, the reason why I’m saying like that is nothing against Kurt, I just think in my view they gotta start kicking the show with a match, with an actual match. They do the promo segment to set the table and I get it.

SmackDowns that I’ve called where we started off with a match and right before the match just graphics would come up, a couple of graphics of some of the main events. Yeah sure it’s maybe not as sexy as someone cutting a promo, but I think most of the fans want to get after and get a match going.

And they did a good match with Jason Jordan and Roman Reigns, but it took quite some time to get there because Kurt who came out and cut a promo and then Jason Jordan came out and everybody had to get an entrance and he wants a shot at Roman Reigns and then Roman comes out.

He says, “Forget about your kid, Kurt. I want a shot at Joe”. And that’s all good storytelling because we saw Joe attack Roman last week. So it’s all connectivity storylines. Consistency. I’m down with it. I get it. All good. That’s fine.

But it seemed a little long and as long as it’s good it’s okay and this wasn’t great. It was good. I mean, Joe coming out… his promo work was great. I liked that Joe was on the stage as a smart heel. No reason getting in ring with three babyfaces, but then again what is Jason Jordan? Like we’re not sure because he pulled kind of a heelish kind of thing in the segment which I thought was cool.

He pulled off that belly-to-belly out of nowhere while Roman Reigns had his back turned because it kind of was the theme and the feel was Joe and Roman were having beef and they were just like “Hey kid, mind your business. Get out of the way! Men are talking here”. And basically Jason Jordan wasn’t gonna have it. So he belly-to-belly’ed Roman and Roman said you know what let’s do this. Let’s get rolling. Kurt made the match.

The way they’ve done the Kurt Angle character as the General Manager, he just listens to every wrestler what they say, every single thing. They don’t have Kurt with like any…. just no backbone. They have the character with no backbone and I think that’s just horrific because of his legacy and the amount of Championships he’s held, he’s an Olympic gold medalist which is a pretty big friggin’ thing. And they just put him in their Hall of Fame. And then he’s got to be subservient on the phone to Stephanie even when she’s not there. He’s got to put her over. Stop! It’s bull$hit. It’s annoying.

Jason Jordan and Roman Reigns did have a good match. It started off interesting where Roman Reigns was bouncing Jason Jordan all over the ring, outside the ring and everything, kicking his butt and all. That was a long match. Lots of false finishes. That seems like their modern day of making guys.

That’s what they do. They do all these false finishes so the people pop, everybody reacts because they think the match is over. I’ve noticed that the past like a year or so, that’s kind of like a thing going a lot where there’s just a ton of false finishes and I guess that’s a way to kind of help both these guys.

I gotta say this, Jason might be the only guy hated more than Roman Reigns usually in the building. So I guess it’s good they put them together. Roman Reigns won the match which is good and then Jason Jordan helped Roman Reigns when Joe came in and then Roman attacked Jason Jordan.

So I was like sitting there scratching my head. Three-way coming obviously that’s what you are you thinking, but it was a little bit goofy booking that Roman would attack the guy that helped him. So we don’t know. There’s grey area on Roman. There’s grey area on Jason Jordan. There’s no grey area on Samoa Joe. We know he’s a heel.”

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