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Gunther Explains Why He Doesn’t Consider Roman Reigns As A Dream Opponent

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During an interview with SK Wrestling, Intercontinental Champion Gunther talked about his dream matches, Brock Lesnar, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & more.

Below are the highlights:

If facing Brock Lesnar is a Dream Match for him:

“I think he’s definitely somebody I looked up to. I admired him for how he handles himself and his business and stuff, and for me personally, I think he’s my biggest obstacle at some point in my career.

So if there’s a chance that this happens, yeah, I would love to do that. Of course.”

If Roman Reigns is also a Dream Opponent for him, just like Lesnar:

“I don’t consider Roman as a dream opponent. I think they’re two very completely different wrestlers. He’s obviously somebody that came up through, first of all his family history, but then he got, basically, developed or trained in the WWE system and got brought up through that.

I think he’s a picture perfect example of how WWE can take someone and turn them into an absolute superstar.

I come from a different way. I’m from Europe. We always kind of had to build it up for ourselves. I was way more interested in Japanese Wrestling for example than in WWE coming up as a professional wrestler so the, let’s say, idols I had, or the people I watched were different people than him.

But what he has achieved is absolutely incredible. I think in general, the aura he has and the reaction he gets as soon as he steps foot in an arena is almost like never seen before.

So that makes it very interesting for me to, at some point, if the chance arises, to just to see who would come out of this as the winner.”

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