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Hall of Famer Watched Survivor Series 2017 Backstage With The Undertaker & Kane, Says The Undertaker Looked Great & Might Have Some Matches Left In Him

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During a recent edition of “Dinner With The King” podcast, Jerry Lawler noted that he watched Survivor Series 2017 with The Undertaker & Kane and said that The Undertaker might not be done! Below is Lawler’s discussion with Glenn Moore (co-host):

Lawler: I went back into the talent relations room and there were a lot of times there was nobody in there. There’s a TV or monitor to watch the show. And the spot came up to where just in this room there were three chairs in front of the monitor and I was sitting in the one on the left hand side and in the middle now to my right sitting next to me was The Undertaker and to his right sitting next to him was Kane.

So we were all just sitting there, watching the show, talking about old times and stuff and all of a sudden, the door happened to be open, and all of a sudden we saw John Cena pass the door and he glanced in and then he just passed and then suddenly we see him backing up.

He just backed up and he looked in at the three of us sitting there and he said – “That’s pretty cool” and then he just walked on. It was pretty cool.

The thing I remember… Undertaker said…. Well, we witnessed the Triple Powerbomb off the top rope by the Shield on to New Day and to finally get the win. Undertaker turned to me and said – “King, remember when just a simple fist drop off the second rope was good enough to beat anybody? Those days are long gone”.

Glenn: Why was Taker there? I know he’s from Texas, but he was just there to see people?

Lawler: He kind of shows up every now and then. Looked good. He looked great.

Glenn: You think he’s done?

Lawler: I think he might have thought he looked too good as a matter of fact because I think when you hang around or you show up and you look that good, in the WWE they’re ready for you to come back.

Glenn: Is he gonna come back?

Lawler: Well, I think he’s gonna make an appearance of some sort at the 25th anniversary of Raw.

Glenn: I’m talking about as an in-ring performer.

Lawler: I think you asked me this before it and I think it was closer to the time after WrestleMania and I think I said that I believe we’ve seen the last of Undertaker in the ring. And now I’m gonna recant. I’m gonna go back on my word. Just looking at him the other night, I think there’s some more matches left in the Undertaker.

Glenn: But the way he left was perfect. The ending of the…you know… folding the jacket up with the hat and the gloves and him leaving WrestleMania.

Lawler: That was perfect. It was a moment and it was a memory. But hey, it was not the wrapped-up send-off with a tied up and the bow on top. It wasn’t stated that this is gonna be the last time you’re gonna see The Undertaker.

I think it was a moment that left you… you know…. like to me it was like the end of the Superman versus Batman movie when Superman was dead, but then all of a sudden there his grave starting grumbling and shaking a little bit and it’s like you just know or you hope that somewhere down the line Superman’s gonna come back.

And I feel the same way about The Undertaker.

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