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Hall Of Famer Agrees That Gable Steveson Is The Biggest Flop In WWE History

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On his podcast, 2-time Hall of Famer Booker T discussed Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson’s release from WWE. Below are the highlights:

If Gable Steveson is the biggest flop in WWE history:

“As far as the build-up, you can say that. What people were expecting to see from Gable Stevenson just because he had to look at everything you check off a box, go, I mean Gable, yet all of that man, and for it not to pan out, I think it was him, not really.

What word should I use? Buying all in, not really saying, ‘Man, I’m really gonna throw everything into doing this and being the best at it.’ Yeah, one foot in the door and one foot out. Let’s just say that. That’s a better analogy.”

If Gable still being interested in Amateur Wrestling hurt his WWE career:

“Exactly, I think that’s what it was — more than anything. Could he have cut it and really pulled this thing off? Probably.

I really think that (amateur) wrestling bug was still in his system, and it was hard for him to really get it out. He still had something to prove, and there again, just having one foot in and one foot out. I think that was his problem.”

The Wrestling Observer reported the following reason for Gable’s WWE release:

“The reality is it’s another one – his contract was a very big money contract and he wasn’t cutting it, that’s the thing. It’s very, very hard.

You’re talking about a guy who from literally 7th grade on was an incredible athlete. This guy may be, probably is, the best heavyweight wrestler ever in the United States. The best wrestler period out of the state of Minnesota and Minnesota has got a lot of great wrestlers.”

Steveson’s manager Dave Martin has issued the following statement regarding WWE release:

“Gable Steveson is very grateful for the opportunities he had with WWE and would like to thank everybody in the organization who helped him get there.

He would also like to thank all the fans who have supported him on his professional wrestling journey. Now, Gable is ready to resume competing against elite level competition and looks forward to sharing big news with you all very soon.”

Martin also revealed that multiple NFL teams reached out to Steveson after his WWE release. Steveson has also begun his MMA training for a possible career in the UFC.

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