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Hall Of Famer Puts His Hair On The Line, That CM Punk Won’t Return To WWE

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Ever since Tony Khan finally got rid of CM Punk after yet another violent backstage incident this year, rumors have been starting everywhere that Punk could very well return to WWE, especially after Triple H seems to have a lot more power in the new TKO company, while Vince McMahon – who is strongly against bringing the former WWE Champion back – doesn’t have the final say in everything anymore.

During a recent episode of the 83 Weeks podcast, 2021 WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff stated that he doesn’t see a potential CM Punk return to WWE in the near future.

Bischoff even went as far as to put his hair on the line as a bet, that Punk won’t return to WWE before late October 2024.

Here’s what Easy E had to say to his co-host Conrad Thompson:

“F**k it, let’s do it. I’m only taking this bet if you can make it clear that you do not have any inside information. Clearly I don’t either.”

In 2014, WWE Superstar CM Punk made headlines when he walked out of the company, citing various issues with its management and medical practices. Punk’s departure was marked by a refusal to show up for work, leading to his eventual termination by WWE.

This incident sparked a legal battle between CM Punk and the official WWE doctor, Dr. Chris Amann, with Punk accusing Amann of medical malpractice and negligence. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court in 2018.

It looks like Punk took a shot at All Elite Wrestling by sharing the following message on his Instagram story:

“Sometimes your value isn’t seen until your absence is felt.”

CM Punk Takes A Shot At AEW On His Instagram Story

Fans are speculating that Punk might be referring to AEW struggling to sell out their TV shows as of late, with over half of the arena being empty for almost every show.

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