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Hall of Famer Says “Hulk Hogan Is Dead” – WWE Won’t Bring Him Back Because He’s Too Toxic

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After targeting The Undertaker in his recent posts (click here to read them), WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham has now moved on to the topic of Hulk Hogan possibly returning to WWE.

Graham talked about how Hogan’s return to WWE is not possible because of the recent WWE – Fabulous Moolah incident (where WWE removed the Fabulous Moolah named from the Women’s Battle Royal after pressure from their sponser). Graham also said that Hogan is too toxic, old and that Vince McMahon doesn’t need him.

Below are Graham’s recent posts about Hogan:


“For you fans who go back that far, this was the title to one of my favorite group’s albums, by Fleetwood Mac. The marks thought they were breaking up so this album was written to cash in on the ” rumors. “

The biggest rumor that I have read in the last few days, is will Hulk Hogan replace Daniel Bryan as GM for Smackdown? I can give you a 100 reasons why he would be a horrible choice and none are personal, strictly business.

1st, he is 65 years old or close to it. 2nd, The Hulkster is unable to talk about anyone else except himself. That is from a lifetime of cutting promos about himself. He is always in a hyper state when in he is on camera, and one cannot play a GM role in that type of mindset. He will say, ” BROTHER ” too often while trying to conduct business in a backstage interview with talent.

He does not look like a person who would be in that type of role, he looks like Hulk Hogan the entertainer. I could go on, but now, it is your turn to tell me what I have missed, or if you think he could pull it off ?”

Hulk Hogan is Dead

“As far as the WWE is concerned anyway. Take a good look on the face of HHH at the Andre Documentary premier last Thursday in LA, that was produced by HBO. Hogan is seen here pleading his case to H, but his words are falling on deaf ears. The WWE has released a statement that despite Hogan being at the Andre the Giant HBO premiere, he has no dates booked with their company.

Hogan himself told TMZ at the LA airport on arrival in LA for the HBO special, that he will not be at Wrestlemania in New Orleans. Hogan also brought up the Mark Henry remark, “That Hogan needs to apologize to everyone in the WWE locker room. ” Hogan states he can’t remember seeing Henry say this, but I remember reading those exact words last week on a quote from Henry. Hogan then said “I agree with Henry as Mark is my boy. “Wrong words to use Hulk in this PC culture, as a Black man is not “your boy.”

So as far as I can see Hogan will never be back with the WWE in any capacity, he is just too toxic. I agree with one of my Facebook fans who suggested William Regal be the new Smackdown GM. A real gentleman with class. I have had some very nice conversations with Regal and find him very articulate; just the opposite of Hogan.”

The Truth Hurts

Now, To clarify a few things about Hulk Hogan and his attempt to convince HHH and Vince that he should be brought back in to the WWE fold. Yes, he has apologized. But, even if he crawled a mile on his hands and knees across cut glass it would not matter to Vince; as Vince does not need Hogan, and HH has, in this day and age, committed the unpardonable sin.

Yes, as one fan said, Hulk Hogan was “the one name when I was a kid that even if you never watched a match of wrestling you heard of HH. Before computers and social news etc.”

But look man, you are not a kid and everyone has a computer and lives on social media. So you can’t forget, especially people like sponsors as Snickers, the big one for the WWE. They even got Moolah’s butt taken off as the name for the first female Royal Rumble at mania next Sunday. So you think they want HH on that stage the way he threw the N word around? Social media doesn’t let you forget.

I remember when HH first got hot. I was working for Crockett and was on a show with Ric Flair. In the locker room all Flair could rant about was HH. He said , ” What is all this sh*t about Hulk Hogan about? Everywhere I go that is all I hear, Hogan this, Hogan that ” and on and on. But that was then and this is now. Now you have a guy half his size in the photo below with the fans going wild for him. HH would never get that kind of reaction today, not even close.

You think I went a little too far and hit HH when he was down with the ” Hey Boy ” line ? Really ? Ask Colin Kaepernick if he would like HH calling him ” Hey Boy ” All hell would break loose on HH.

Forget about Booker being a GM for Smackdown. 2 full years ago when Smackdown was in Phoenix and HHH asked me to go down and cut some promos for the WWE archives I had a nice long talk with Booker T. He told me, ” Superstar, I am tired of this sh*t and I am looking to move on, cant take this PC sh*t they lay on you. “

It is over for HH and the WWE, the truth can hurt and also be bitter, he killed his own image.”

The Scream

“Fans, below is a very famous painting titled ” The Scream ” Believe it or not, this original painting is worth millions of dollars. To me it represents the current state of mind that Hulk Hogan must be in at this sad point of his life. Without question, the most famous professional wrestler ever, known around the world and beyond…possibly. Now, he is like a man without a country, shunned by the very man who made him a household name, Vince McMahon.

Just a few final points to wrap up my thoughts on this once in a lifetime, bigger than life human being. Remember fans, Vince is not sentimental, he couldn’t care less about Hulk-a-mania running wild on you. Vince is only concerned about the WWE and now the future success of his XFL pro football league.

HH is no longer relevant. He is 64 years old with a hip replacement. The very thought of HH standing up in a WWE locker room apologizing to all of the WWE roster about his excessive use of the N word, would indeed send shivers down the spine of Vince McMahon. Do you folks have any idea how fast that news would get out of that locker room to Meltzer first, then TMZ, then ESPN, then the rest of all the media in this country? His story would then become unimaginably bigger than it is now.

As some of my facebook fans have stated, HH needs to go home and stay there. Hulk’s career is as over as over can be, just accept it Hulk sir, as there is no coming back from this one.”

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