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Hall of Famer Shoots On Rumor Of WWE Thinking About Booking Ronda Rousey To Make Triple H Tap Out At WrestleMania 34

Ronda Rousey WrestleMania 34

In a recent post on his Facebook account, WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham discussed the rumour of WWE thinking about booking Ronda Rousey to make Triple H tap out at WrestleMania 34.

Below is what Graham wrote:

Ronda Lousy vs HHH

“First off to the fan who wrote.. ” I find Ronda’s use of Piper’s gimmick nauseating ” You my brother are dead on my man !!!

I find it a total insult and absolutely reveals that she does not have an original thought in her head. Damn, can’t she be an original at anything ? This shows you how shallow she is and by the way, I am a fan of females being in the main event. That is why I put up this photo of Amanda Nunes kicking her a$$ in 48 seconds. She looked pitiful, a TKO in 48 seconds on Dec. 30th, 2016 by Nunes, a real fighter and Rousey just a jobber.

Speaking of jobbers, I read today a quote by Meltzer that shook me to the core, it goes as follows, “There was a rumor going around by WWE officials prior to mania 34 that Rousey was going to make HHH tap out to her armbar finisher (instead of Stephanie McMahon) and it appears the company went in the latter direction specifically due to storyline continuity reasons; as Rousey attacked Stephanie’s arm the next night on Raw whereas HHH is not a regular on-screen character and has disappeared for now.”

WHAT ??? Miss Lousy was going to make H tap out ??? This would have been received as well as a cement truck full of pig sh*t being dumped on the mania 34 fans. God folks, what is the WWE thinking ??? RR is not a god of some kind but a mere female x UFC failure that got her flat ass kicked twice on the way out. Now this is nauseating. I demand that you fans respond to this crap the WWE is trying to lay on you by even thinking about her making HHH tap out, god this makes me sick.”

However, Graham is not negative about everything. Below is a positive message he posted about the passing of fellow Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino:

Bruno Sammartino Dies

“As most all of you fans have heard by now, the wrestling world has lost a true legend, an icon, and really an institution. Bruno Sammartino has left us, but he will never be forgotten. I read today that he had 187 sellout main events in MSG. I am very proud to say 3 or 4 of those sellouts were with me. Our matches were simple, always a test of strength thrown in there and I always put Bruno over. He did let you get your heat like in this photo below. There was never a bad word or scandal concerning this man. A gentleman all the way with unblemished character, worshiped by his fans. It was an honor for me to have taken the belt off of him on April 30th, 1977. That will be 41 years ago in just a matter of days !!

Rest In Peace, Mr. Bruno Sammartino. Superstar Billy Graham”

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