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Heel Turn On Tonight’s SmackDown

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, including the LWO angle from SmackDown.

• Rey Mysterio kicked off tonight’s SmackDown and said Logan Paul wouldn’t have beaten him without brass knuckles and he wants a rematch for the United States Championship.

Carlito came out and said fans want to see him as the US Champion. Carlito then said Rey should blame Santos Escobar for his loss, as Santos is the one that left the brass knuckles on the ring apron for Logan to use.

Santos and Carlito almost went at it, but other LWO members separated them. Santos then left the ring in anger.

Carlito then had a singles match against Bobby Lashley and he lost.

Lashley and The Street Profits attacked Carlito after the match and Santos Escobar refused to help Carlito. Rey Mysterio came out with a Steel Chair and the heels left. Rey and Santos had an argument and Rey said we are a family, as he wants to keep everyone on the same page. Santos then attacked Rey and turned heel.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley questioned Santos why he attacked Rey. Santos said Rey had it coming.

• During an interview with FOX Business, new United States Champion Logan Paul announced his retirement from Boxing and will focus on WWE only from now on.

Below is what The Maverick said:

“Yeah, I think I’m retired from Boxing. I’ve done enough going fully undefeated at 25-0. I’m going to be a wrestler now. No more money in Boxing, every company is going broke.

Full-time wrestler. Beat Rey Mysterio. Fair and square for the US Championship. It feels great. It was a dominant performance. Some frog splashes, some punches, it feels good.”

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