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“He’s got like rotten teeth” – Former WCW Manager Recalls Vince McMahon Trying To Stick His Tongue In Her Mouth

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Former NWA/WCW manager and valet Missy Hyatt recently discussed her career and shared her thoughts on Janel Grant’s allegations against Vince McMahon in a revealing shoot interview on the WSI channel. Hyatt’s candid comments shed light on her experiences and the alleged behavior of McMahon during her time in the wrestling industry.

Hyatt expressed her belief in the allegations made by Grant, saying, “I believed everything. I believe it all. I believe — it did not shock me. Vince slept with everything. Vince slept with everything.”

Hyatt went on to elaborate, stating, “He’s into threesomes and stuff and he’s just into a lot of weird stuff. It didn’t surprise me when I read that. I was just like, yeah.”

During the interview, Hyatt also cast doubt on John Laurinaitis’ claim of being a victim, noting his alignment with McMahon against Grant. She recounted her own interactions with McMahon in the 1980s when she was hired for “Missy’s Manor” segments, intended to replace “Piper’s Pit” after Roddy Piper left WWE for Hollywood.

Hyatt revealed a disturbing encounter with McMahon, explaining that she had to fend off his advances. “I called their lawyer and I told them my situation and what happened with me. I had to push Vince out of my hotel room because he was trying to stick his tongue in my mouth. After I did that, the next thing I know is they want me to be a Federette and I’m like, I don’t want to be a Federette to take jackets. [They said] Oh, we’re gonna do something with you and The Honky Tonk Man. I didn’t trust them. I left and had to go beg Jim Crockett and Dusty for a job.”

Hyatt detailed the incident further: “He was bringing me back. We were in Vegas shooting, doing the tapings. We were out and he taught me how to play blackjack. He gave me $100 and I won like $180 or something. I tried to give him all the money and he’s like, no keep it. We went to a dinner at Caesar’s where they pour the wine over your shoulder. This was a big group of people. I remember I was wearing this leather dress and Mean Gene poured coffee in my lap. He said later on that they did that to see how I’d react, to see if I’d freak out. They were like, oh yeah, you handled that really well.”

Hyatt described the moment McMahon tried to enter her hotel room: “He was trying to get in my hotel room and I was like pushing him out. I was engaged at the time [to Eddie Gilbert]. If I wasn’t engaged, maybe, but [Vince] had such bad teeth. It’s like you’re a millionaire times over and you can’t get your teeth fixed? He’s got really bad teeth… he’s got like rotten teeth. It’s really gross. Maybe he’s gotten it fixed but back then in the 80s it was really bad. I didn’t want to stick my tongue in that.”

Despite the challenges and inappropriate encounters, Hyatt emphasized her integrity and talent. “I’ve never had to sleep for a job. Yes, I’ve done a lot of wild things with some wrestlers and stuff like that but I never did it for a job and I don’t think I ever had to because I think my talent speaks for itself so I never had to sleep anyway to get a job.”

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