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HOFer Explains Why We’re Getting Gunther vs. Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania 40

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Brock Lesnar and Intercontinental Champion Gunther went face-to-face during the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble match, but their exchange was cut short by Bobby Lashley’s entry into the match, as The All Mighty was feuding with The Beast at that time.

Lesnar vs. Gunther was expected to take place at WrestleMania 39, but plans got changed.

Now, this mega match is rumored for WrestleMania 40 and WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley explained on Busted Open Radio why we’re going to see this match in April 2024:

“I think we’re getting Gunther and Brock at WrestleMania. Because when Brock looks at Gunther, he’s gonna be able to talk about Taker’s Streak, and ending a Streak.

Brock is going to be able to remind Gunther that, ‘I’m the one who put the 1 in 21-1, so at WrestleMania, I’m defeating you’.

The thought of Brock as Intercontinental Champion just adds even more credibility. This is where Brock loses to Gunther. Because that loss is going to make Gunther.

Those 600-700 days as champion will be the good precursor, but beating Brock will be the real accomplishment.

Brock’s gonna be able to say, ‘Those days don’t matter because I took the streak that really mattered and put an end to it. Now I’m gonna put an end to yours too’.”

Gunther will defend the Intercontinental Title against The Miz next. This is going to be a rematch from Survivor Series 2023, with an added stipulation that Miz won’t be able to challenge Gunther for the IC Title again if he loses.

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