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Hottest Trish Stratus Photos Ever

Trish Stratus

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is considered one of the hottest Divas in the history of Professional Wrestling.

She made her WWF debut in March 2000 on Sunday Night Heat. She was initially a valet/manager for T&A (Test & Albert).

She went on to become a 7 time Women’s Champion in the company and also captured the Hardcore Championship once. She also won award like “Babe Of The Year” and “Diva Of The Decade”.

Her official retirement came at WWE’s Unforgiven 2006 PPV, where she defeated Lita to become a 7 time Women’s Champion and retire as a Champion.

However, she has returned multiple times since then as a part-timer to wrestle matches at WrestleMania and other PPVs.

Trish’s last match in WWE (as of this writing) took place at WWE Evolution 2018 PPV (which was the first ever all-women’s WWE PPV). She teamed up with Lita to defeat the team of Mickie James & Alicia Fox (who was the replacement for Alexa Bliss – who got injured).

If you’re a fan of Trish, then you’d definitely LOVE to check out some of her hottest photos ever!

You can check them out below:

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