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“How does this make sense?” – Jim Cornette On The New World Heavyweight Championship

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• “How does this make sense?” – Jim Cornette On The New World Heavyweight Championship

As seen on this week’s episode of RAW, Triple H brought back the World Heavyweight Championship with a new design.

This title will belong to the brand that Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns doesn’t get drafted to.

The new World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned at the upcoming Night Of Champions premium live event in Saudi Arabia on May 27th.

WWF Veteran Jim Cornette isn’t a fan of this idea and said the following on his podcast:

“How does this make sense? The best guy won’t wrestle often so we’re gonna make another guy another champion.

I can believe an interim champion, I could buy that. That’s done in sports, even though Tony (Khan) does it too much… but no, this is just for no reason and the reason that they gave does not hold up to any logic or common sense in terms of the fans enjoyment.

It doesn’t make any sense.”

Cornette then noted that Vince McMahon would’ve hated the idea of having two World Champions back in the 1980s:

“The reason why everybody wanted to see Roman beaten was because he hasn’t been and he’s the guy.

That’s why I keep saying in the 80s, if somebody pitched to Vince, ‘Well (Hulk) Hogan can have one World Title belt and we’ll have another World Title belt because we’re running two shows every night,’ Vince would’ve thrown them out the window.

Nobody was gonna have any conflicting belt besides the one that Hogan held.”

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (April 28, 2002) – Old School Wrestling Legend Passed Away

On this day in 2002, we lost Old School NWA Legend Lou Thesz at the age of 86.

He’s considered one of the greatest pure technical mat wrestlers of all time, some might even argue he was the greatest.

If you combine all of his 3 NWA World Heavyweight Championship reigns, he was the Champion for more than 10 years combined.

In 2016, he was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of their 1st annual “Legacy” wing inductions.


April 24, 1916 – April 28, 2002

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