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Howard Finkel Was Once Taken To Wrestlers’ Court Where He Was “Bullied And Absolutely Humiliated”

Howard Finkel

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Old School WCW Veteran Reese (Real name: Ron Reis) celebrates his 51st birthday today.

Ron’s World Championship Wrestling debut at the end of the Halloween Havoc 1995 PPV was pretty memorable, as he came out in a mummy costume as “The Yeti”, helping The Giant (now known as The Big Show) to attack Hulk Hogan.

He also portrayed other characters in WCW, such as “The Super Giant Ninja” and “Big Ron Studd”, before joining Raven’s stable “Raven’s Flock” as Reese in 1998.


• Howard Finkel Was Once Taken To Wrestlers’ Court Where He Was “Bullied And Absolutely Humiliated”

The first-ever WWF employee and WWE Hall Of Famer, Howard Finkel, passed away at the age of 69 earlier this month. The Wrestling Observer featured his bio recently, where a sad story about him was revealed.

The Wrestlers’ Court existed in the old says, with the idea of keeping certain wrestlers in their line. It was led by the top stars of that time.

The Fink was taken to the Wrestlers’ Court once, due to him not taking a slap properly from a female wrestler. As he wasn’t a competitor, he flinched when the move was coming, and the spot failed miserably.

He was said to be “bullied and absolutely humiliated” during the trial. The incident took place shortly after WCW wrestlers were brought over to WWF, to show them how things were handled in the company.

He was slated to do the spot once again with another female wrestler, but he failed to do it properly again. He wasn’t taken to the court for it though.

“He was devastated when it was over and sentenced to get slapped in the face again by another woman. And of course, he flinched again because he’s not a wrestler.

He wasn’t taken to wrestler’s court after the second incident but was once again berated for it.”

One veteran wrestler described the Finkel incident as one of the most immature and cruel things he’d ever seen in the pro wrestling business.

Despite all of this, Fink is still highly respected in the pro wrestling world.

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