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9. JBL & Corey Graves Discuss The Worst Raw Segments Of All Time

During this week’s “Bring It To The Table” episode, Corey Graves and former WWE Champion JBL discussed some of the worst segments in the history of Raw. Below are the highlights:

JBL: “(On “This is your Life” segment featuring Bayley & Alexa Bliss) If it was better it would of sucked. It would have to improve to be horrible, that was how bad it sucked. Remember the first ‘This is Your Life’ with The Rock and Mick Foley, that was terrible, but you just had two incredible superstars so that was fantastic and they drew a heck of a rating, but I think it fails in comparison to the Harvey Wippleman and Howard Finkel Tuxedo Match. I think that was one of the worst of all-time. What was worse was probably the JR and Michael Cole Rap Battle where JR forgot all of his lines.”

Corey: “We are talking specifically about the worst Raw segments ever, thank God we are not talking about WCW and Viagra on a Pole and Judy Bagwell on a Forklift Match, that Russo guy, he was a treat, right? JR brought in Razor Ramon and Diesel, of course not Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, Razor Ramon and Diesel. Fake Razor, classic moment, nobody could tell the difference, right? There’s Diesel—he looks familiar.”

JBL: “If you watch ‘Legends’ with JBL that the WWE Network cancelled, I’m furious about that—but that segment got the real Razor and the real Diesel huge pay raises because WCW actually thought they were going to go back to WWE on Monday Night Raw. The worst segment in the history of television, not just Monday Night Raw, but television. It was in Philadelphia of all places, sports capital of the freaking world. It was me, Trish Stratus and JBL against Jackie Gayda & Christopher Nowinski. Trish actually mentioned this in her Hall of Fame speech and she looked at me and laughed. That was the worst segment in the history of television.”

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