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16. Justin Roberts Compares His Time In WWE To An Abusive Marriage, Talks About Vince McMahon Wanting To Do Things His Way

During a recent interview with Daily Herald, former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts compared his time in WWE to an abusive marriage. Below is what he said:

“It’s a love story, in a weird way. Like, my marriage to WWE. My very abusive marriage. A lot of people in the company, the upper management, have a bully mentality. I hope in speaking out, and being honest, it makes a difference. I hope WWE becomes a better place for the people there now. I spoke out not to go after the company, but to bring awareness to certain issues.”

During an interview with WrestlingInc, Justin Roberts talked about working with Vince McMahon and how Vince wanted to do things his way and got hot when someone didn’t do things his way:

“Vince was very intense, very micromanaging everything and listening everything I said and how I said it. He is intimidating but also sometimes he can be really helpful and you can go to him with a question and would instantly come up with a solution or sometimes you would work with him to come up with an announcement. It was always uncomfortable. I always tried to avoid him as much as possible. I just wanted to steer clear because he had those moments where he can easily turn on you and tell you that he doesn’t like the way you look, what are you doing here? You’re fired. I just tried to stay clear of him, but sometimes you couldn’t avoid him. Sometimes he was helpful.

Sometimes he was on me for being too over the top. Keep in mind that I grew up watching Vince on commentary, he was one of my favorite commentators, and always enjoyed his over the top commentary. I used to incorporate that in my ring announcing and he hated it, so I stopped doing that obviously. Then, sometimes my introduction would get bigger for guys like: John Cena, The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Batista, and I would get chewed up and told to tone it down, so he was really on me for everything and on everybody for everything, and since it was his company he wanted it done his way.”

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