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13. Scott Steiner “Apologizes” To A Fan

TNA … or iMPACT Wrestling as they call themselves now, recently uploaded a video titled “What Is Scott Steiner All About?” where ‘Big Poppa Pump’ apologized (well, kinda) to the fan he beat up on iMPACT a few weeks ago.

But if you thought that he actually knocked down a random fan while walking through the crowd, think again. What TNA did there is a pretty common practice that was perfected in WCW during the Monday Night Wars where an unknown independent wrestler was placed in the crowd as a “Fan”, only to get attacked by a certain wrestler as planned.

This had the effect that it made the show look much more real and the people in the audience learned to respect the wrestlers and never even think about attacking one of them.

The guy Big Poppa Pump punched was such a person. He was placed there by the promoter for that exact scenario to happen. Well done!

Old School Legend Scott Steiner will have his official TNA return match at the Slammiversary XV PPV on July 2, where he teams up with former WWE announcer Josh Matthews to take on the team of Joseph Park (Abyss without the mask) & former WCW announcer Jeremy Borash.

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