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Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair Draw Best WWE Segment Rating In A Long Time

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• Old School WWF Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 53rd birthday of Old School WWF Legend Yokozuna (Real name: Rodney Anoai).

WWF New Generation Era Legend Yokozuna was a former 2 time World Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion after defeating both, Bret “The Hitman” Hart (WrestleMania IX) and “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan (King of the Ring 1993) for the title.

His last WWF match came at Survivor Series 1996, where teamed up Flash Funk, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka & Savio Vega in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match that ended in a double DQ, thus ending a successful 4 year run with the WWF.

In 2012, Yokozuna was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by his cousin Rikishi (Headshrinker Fatu) and Rikishi’s two sons, The Usos.


October 2, 1966 – October 23, 2000

• Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair Draw Best WWE Segment Rating In A Long Time

As seen on this week’s RAW Season Premiere, The Miz announced during his MizTV segment that a Team Hogan vs. Team Flair (5 on 5 elimination tag team match) will take place at WWE Crown Jewel 2019 PPV on October 31.

The captain of Team Hogan will be current Universal Champion Seth Rollins. The only other member of Team Hogan announced so far is Rusev. The captain of Team Flair will be 13 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. The only other member of Team Flair announced so far is King Corbin.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Hogan & Flair drew the best WWE segment rating in a long time.

While the overall viewership of the show wasn’t the highest of the year (as that number goes to the RAW Reunion episode), but the Hogan-Flair segment had the best segment-to-segment rating in WWE in a long time!

Speaking of RAW, this week’s episode drew 2.57 million viewers. This is up from previous week’s 2.21 million viewers.

This is yet another example of Old School Legends still having the power of drawing big viewership numbers (even those old school fans who don’t watch regularly anymore).

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