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“I am not a Jinder hinderer” – AEW Star Praises Jinder Mahal

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AEW President Tony Khan recently criticized WWE for putting Jinder Mahal in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship when he hasn’t won a match in a year.

On last week’s RAW, Seth Rollins defeated Mahal to retain the World Title.

AEW wrestler Matt Hardy defended Jinder on his podcast and praised him for being a great heel.

Here’s what Hardy said about the former WWE Champion:

“I like Jinder as a person and I also liked him as a performer, too. I thought he was an excellent heel. I thought he was good. I thought he really had the ability to pi$$ people off in the most authentic way possible. I am not a Jinder hinderer.

I thought he was getting steam as a heel. I’m not huge on the win/loss thing. I feel like wrestling is more about the story than the actual athlete’s records. That’s me though. I know not everybody’s like that.

It is important to win, there’s times that people should win because they’re in a scenario and they’re in a story where it’s time for them to win and the blowoff to happen.

But even when that happened, I do remember hearing his reaction at some of the events and he was very booed and people wanted to see him get beat up. So I get why they tried it. I didn’t have an issue with it.”

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