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“I can’t tell you how many fights I got into backstage” – Recently Released WWE Star

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During an interview with Mandy Rose & Tino Sabbatelli on the Power Alphas podcast, Lacey Evans talked about her 7 years in WWE and the backstage issues.

Below is what she said:

“Success to me – and I’m gonna pi$$ a lot of people off, I don’t give a sh*t. You can’t cancel me at this point. Not that I gave a sh*t to begin with. Back then, how I lasted 7 years in WWE, I have no idea.

My mouth was the same one backstage. I can’t tell you how many damn fights I almost got into, and I verbally told them every time, I’ll work at McDonald’s before I ever sit back and have anybody talk to me the way that you’re talking to me because you feel like I owe you something.

The only thing I owe you is working my a$$ off to have a good match. Back here, there’s no damn way that I’m gonna let anybody talk to me. It’s been a few times, but luckily the powers that be liked me enough to, each year, I just got a little bit more, and WWE’s been great to me. They’ve been awesome.

I’ve invested every bit of my money. I have investment properties, real estate, I’ve got a full business paid for. I’m in a good place because I was smart.”

Also during this interview, Lacey revealed that she herself asked for her WWE release.

After leaving WWE, Lacey Evans started her own OnlyFans-type site. It looks like a lot of fans have already subscribed to her site, as some completely topless photos of her have leaked online.

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WATCH: Non-PG Shot Of Lacey Evans’ Buns:

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