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“I don’t know what else I have left” – SmackDown Star After Survivor Series Loss

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Below are a couple of top Survivor Series news stories of the day, involving Bayley and Drew McIntyre.

• Damage CTRL lost to Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair & Shotzi in the Women’s WarGames match at Survivor Series 2023.

After the match, SmackDown star Bayley said the following about this loss during an interview backstage:

“There’s no way, there’s no words, there’s nothing I can say that would give you an insight on what I’m feeling right now, okay?

WarGames, it’s bold and it’s intense, and I did everything that I could. Now I don’t know what else I have left, so. I’m going to go ice my whole body. Maybe you could find my teammates for me.”

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• According to PWInsider, Drew McIntyre reportedly displayed visible anger and frustration after the Men’s War Games Match at Survivor Series.

He stormed out of the ring, slammed his locker room door, put on a hoodie, and promptly left the Allstate Arena.

Despite the clear expression of displeasure, the reason for McIntyre’s frustration is unknown at this time, leading to speculation and discussion among those who witnessed the incident.

According to the Wrestling Observer, people backstage in WWE think McIntyre was upset due to Punk’s return.

“Yeah, he was very upset. As the night went on, he got less upset. As for the reason why he got upset, (people in) the company thought it was because of Punk. That’s what everyone in the company thought, but he was legitimately upset.”

One top talent told Fightful Select that they understood Triple H wanted to keep Punk’s return a top secret, which he was successful at doing, but it might’ve cost HHH trust with the talent and he might have heat with some of them.

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