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“I don’t think she’s great and she was difficult to work with” – Former WWE Employee On Sasha Banks

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Mercedes Mone, known to WWE fans as Sasha Banks, carved out a significant legacy in professional wrestling, securing every major championship during her WWE tenure. Despite her in-ring success, allegations have surfaced that she was challenging to work with behind the scenes.

Mone made headlines in May 2022 when she, along with Naomi, walked out of WWE. Reports suggest that her departure stemmed from creative frustrations and dissatisfaction with her role in the women’s division.

Recently, the Behind The Turnbuckle podcast featured former WWE employees Tommy Carlucci and Jonathan Coachman, who discussed Mone’s backstage reputation.

Carlucci voiced a critical perspective, stating:

“I don’t think she’s [Mercedes Mone] great at all. I never thought she was this whole bag of chips that everybody thought she was here [in WWE] as Sasha Banks. And she was difficult to work with, too.”

Coachman reflected on his time in WWE when Mone was still part of the roster, about 6 or 7 years ago. He noted that Mone, now the AEW TBS Women’s Champion, had a challenging reputation:

“There are certain superstars that, over the years, act a certain way backstage, and they get a certain reputation, and they can’t get rid of that. And Sasha had that.

So, when you heard some of those numbers that she was asking for, you know, WWE or AEW, I was blown away that either side was even entertaining a deal the magnitude of what she reportedly got.

Because I agree with you, she’s never been the star that Becky (Lynch) is, that Charlotte (Flair) is, or that Rhea (Ripley) is.”

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