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“I love you, man. Let’s go lead this locker room together” – CM Punk & Randy Orton Reunite

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On WWE’s WrestleMania Playback video, Randy Orton and CM Punk revisited their WrestleMania 27 encounter together.

Throughout the video, both Punk and Orton acknowledged their previous animosity towards each other but expressed how their feelings evolved over time, leading to a mutual admiration and deep respect, particularly following their match.

Here’s what Orton said:

“Hate’s a strong word. I’ve never hated you. I think that I was the kinda person that had a backstage gimmick, and I was trying to live my (gimmick) backstage.

I think I was just an insecure (person), you know what I mean? And then I was talking to Arn and like, [f**k] Punk. And you’re like, hey, motherf***ker I’m right here. Say it to my face. And I was like, man, I wasn’t expecting him to walk around the corner as I was burying him.”

As the playback concluded, Orton expressed his happiness at Punk’s return to WWE, referring to it as “home” and conveyed his affection, saying, “I love you, man. Let’s go lead this locker room together”.

The interaction culminated in a heartfelt embrace between the two wrestlers, signifying a newfound camaraderie and unity between them.

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You can watch it below:

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