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“I think his bigger run will be as a heel” – Undertaker On Top WWE Babyface

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The Undertaker believes Cody Rhodes’ future heel turn will surpass his current success as a babyface. The WWE Hall of Famer shared his insights on this potential shift and its implications for Rhodes’ career.

Cody Rhodes’ Status as a Babyface

Cody Rhodes, the reigning Undisputed WWE Champion, is one of the most beloved figures in WWE today, comparable to legendary babyfaces like John Cena. His popularity and charisma have endeared him to fans, making his matches must-watch events. However, The Undertaker, with his nearly 30-year tenure in WWE, foresees even greater potential for Rhodes as a heel.

The Undertaker’s Perspective

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, The Undertaker discussed Rhodes’ current run and the possibilities that lie ahead. He praised Rhodes’ performance as a babyface but suggested that his true potential will be realized when he eventually turns heel.

“I think he’s doing a phenomenal job, I think he’s going to have a tremendous run as a babyface, but I think his bigger run will be as a heel. There’s just something about Cody with me that I envision a heel…it’s down the road because right now he’s killing it as the babyface,” The Undertaker explained.

The Deadman highlighted Rhodes’ strong promos and his current feud dynamics, but he also hinted at a significant shift when Roman Reigns returns. “He’s almost an anti-Roman, things will be very interesting when Roman comes back,” he added, suggesting a future clash that could redefine Rhodes’ career trajectory.

WrestleMania 40: The Undertaker’s Surprise Appearance

The Undertaker’s influence on Rhodes’ storyline was evident at WrestleMania 40. Although retired and inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2022, The Phenom made a dramatic return to aid Rhodes against The Bloodline. In the event’s closing moments, The Undertaker chokeslammed The Rock, allowing Rhodes to seize the moment and eventually defeat Roman Reigns for the WWE title, completing his story.

Cody Rhodes on The Undertaker’s Return

Rhodes later reflected on the special moment shared with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 40, expressing his gratitude and admiration for the legend’s unexpected involvement. This interaction not only bolstered Rhodes’ victory but also hinted at the deeper narrative potential that The Undertaker sees in him.

While Cody Rhodes continues to shine as a babyface, The Undertaker’s prediction adds an intriguing layer to his future in WWE. The prospect of a heel turn opens up new storylines and character development opportunities, suggesting that Rhodes’ journey in WWE is far from over and that his greatest moments may still lie ahead.

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