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“I thought I was getting ribbed” – WWE Star On Being Booked To Face Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania

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In the opening match of WrestleMania 39 Sunday, Brock Lesnar defeated Omos in a “Beast vs. Giant” match.

During an interview with Daily Mail, Omos revealed his reaction when he was told he was going to be facing Lesnar at the biggest show of the year.

Below is what The Nigerian Giant said:

“That whole story is insane. It was the night after Elimination Chamber and we had RAW in Ottawa. I wasn’t on the show and I was going to do what I was supposed to do, drive back to Montreal to fly home.

I was going to get a haircut and one of our producers said whatever you do, don’t go anywhere. (We were) on the show, but not a match, a backstage (segment). They said it was a backstage (segment) with MVP and you guys are going to call out Brock.

The moment they said that I just go blank. They keep talking and I couldn’t hear a word they said. They asked if I was OK, I said, ‘Yes, did you just say Brock Lesnar?’ He said yes. I said, ‘No, THE Brock Lesnar? Woah, OK.’

I thought I was getting ribbed. So I go in and get there early and I see Paul Heyman. I say hi, he says Brock is coming and I know it’s real. This is happening.”

Omos said the following about working with Lesnar and Lesnar’s reaction to how the match went:

“I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves. He’s such an amazing and talented worker. He has figured out this business to the core. From his facial expressions to his physicality to his selling. He gets it. Most importantly he understands his role depending on where he’s put. He has such awareness and that’s the person he is.

For him, he wanted to see whether I could live up to expectations. Everything in life is a test and I knew I had to go out there and put everything I have learned into that match and I’m glad it came out the way it did.

Brock is amazing. He was pleased after. I wanted to make sure he had fun. That’s always my goal. When it’s fun, you want to keep on doing it.”

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