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“I understand why he said it” – WWE Hall Of Famer On Kevin Nash’s Recent Comments About LA Knight

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On a recent episode of the ‘Strictly Business’ podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff ended up talking about WWE’s current state and how the situation helps getting someone like LA Knight over.

Here’s what Eric Bischoff said:

“That’s where WWE is heading. They’re headed into that sweet spot.

And it doesn’t last forever, but they’re heading into a sweet spot where a guy like LA Knight, who I didn’t even, I mean, I knew who he was, but it was off my radar six months ago.

And now he’s all over my radar. He’s everywhere I’d look. Every time I I open up my … X? Whatever it’s called. When I open up my Twitter and look at my Twitter timeline, he’s everywhere.

And I’ve watched some of his clips. I haven’t sat down and watched him on a show, but I’ve watched many of his clips. I’ve watched some of his promos.

And I get Kevin Nash, you know, he came out and took a little bit of a half-a** shot, but I understand why he said it.

I saw the same things Kevin did. But man, he’s on the verge of really getting over. It’s fun to watch, man.

It’s what makes me interested in WWE. It isn’t necessarily watching the storylines play out like most people.

I get off on this kind of stuff. Reading this report is going to make me tune in to WWE more regularly to find out how they’re achieving this.

I wanna see what they’re doing, as best you can on television. A lot of it you can’t.

But I wanna see what they’re doing creatively, at least that’s generating this kinda success that makes me interested in their product.”

LA Knight wrestles professionally since 2003 and was best known for his 2015-2019 run with IMPACT Wrestling as Eli Drake, before he joined WWE in February 2021.

A lot of experts see him as a future World Champion and possibly even the #1 babyface of the company at some point.

At last night’s SummerSlam premium live event, LA Knight won the Slim Jim 25-man SummerSlam Battle Royal.

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