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“I walked off shaking my head” – Lance Storm On What A WWF Agent Told Him After He Put Over Brock Lesnar

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A fan posted a newspaper ad of a WWF House Show from January 4th 2002, where Lance Storm faced a young rookie named Brock Lesnar.

This was a few months before Lesnar made his official WWF main roster debut as ‘The Next Big Thing’.

Storm told the following story of working with Lesnar:

“Great story about this loop. I was told to teach/coach Brock in these matches. The first two nights I was told to beat him but make him look strong and protect him on the finish by cheating. We had real good competitive matches and I cheated to win.

The third night I was told they wanted him to win. I said cool and we went and had another competitive good match and Brock beat me clean. I got to the back and another agent pulled me aside and reprimanded me and told me:

‘All that back and forth stuff makes for a good match and all but we are looking to program him a certain way, we don’t need all that other stuff.’ I was livid and replied with something to the effect of:

‘If you want him to squash me, you have to tell me that before I go out there. I was told to push him and to teach him, that’s what I did.’

I walked off shaking my head thinking, beating him twice was fine, but getting a nearfall tonight was too much? 😡”

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