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“I’d rather chew off my arm than sit down for two hours of AEW” – WWE Hall of Famer

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On his Strictly Business podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff had the following to say about the creative booking decisions in All Elite Wrestling:

<strong>”Do I watch the show the show every week? F**k no. I’d rather chew off my arm than sit down for two hours of AEW. It’s that bad creatively for me.</strong>

<strong>But I do drop in, I do follow certain aspects of AEW that either I’m interested in or I want to better understand for the purposes of doing this show for example.”</strong>

AEW recently hired Jennifer Pepperman, who held a Senior Writer and Producer position at WWE, as Vice President of Content Development.

In her new capacity, Pepperman will collaborate closely with AEW President Tony Khan, focusing primarily on content development for live programming.

Bischoff said the following about Jennifer’s signing:

<strong>”The product needed someone like Jen. It’s all chemistry. She’s got all the tools.”</strong>

Regarding Pepperman’s departure from WWE, The Wrestling Observer noted the following:

<strong>”Her main focus had been the women’s division on SmackDown. The only thing we were told is that she wanted a change. It was noted she was close with Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks).”</strong>

Mercedes is anticipated to make her debut with AEW in March during the Big Business edition of Dynamite on March 13.

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