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“If anybody should be making money off of Eddie Guerrero, it should be Eddie’s daughters” – Chavo Guerrero On Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio’s “I’m Your Mami” T-Shirt

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In the world of professional wrestling, the business extends far beyond the ring, with merchandise sales playing a pivotal role in a wrestler’s income. Legacy acts like the nWo and Stone Cold Steve Austin continue to rake in profits through merchandise, showcasing the enduring popularity of iconic figures.

However, a recent revelation sheds light on a disheartening situation – Eddie Guerrero’s daughters seem to be missing out on the financial gains tied to their late father’s merchandise.

Eddie Guerrero, a celebrated name from WWE’s past, still commands a significant presence in the world of wrestling merchandise. The late WWE Champion’s likeness adorns apparel, action figures, and even video games, attesting to his enduring popularity among fans. Despite his passing, Eddie Guerrero’s legacy remains a lucrative asset in the wrestling business.

Chavo Guerrero, Eddie’s nephew, recently voiced his concerns in an interview with Chris Van Vliet. He expressed his dismay over the fact that Eddie’s daughters are not receiving payments for the merchandise featuring their father’s image. Chavo pointed out that while Eddie’s name has contributed to the success of other wrestlers like Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley, his own family seems to be missing out on the financial benefits.

In Chavo’s own words: “(It bothers me) when Eddie’s daughters aren’t reaping the benefits, yes. To me, I’m always looking – and if anybody should be making money off of Eddie Guerrero, it should be Eddie’s daughters.”

Chavo highlighted the apparent discrepancy where Eddie’s name has been leveraged to create successful merchandise for other wrestlers, yet his daughters are not enjoying the financial rewards. The ‘I’m Your Mami’ tee, a homage to Eddie’s infamous ‘I’m Your Papi’ tee, has become a notable example of how Eddie’s legacy continues to influence and inspire new generations of wrestlers.

Chavo drew a parallel with the estate of Elvis Presley, emphasizing how the rights to Eddie’s persona, name, and likeness should rightfully belong to his daughters. He mentioned the precedent set by Elvis’s estate, which initially went to Priscilla Presley and later to Elvis’s granddaughter, highlighting the importance of passing down such rights within the family.

Chavo expressed his hope for a positive change in the future, advocating for Eddie’s daughters to inherit what rightfully belongs to them. He stressed that discussions with Guerrero’s daughters indicated they were not receiving the financial benefits they deserve and that this situation should be rectified. Chavo’s concern is not personal gain but a desire to see Eddie’s daughters benefit from their father’s legacy.

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