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“If these things were done to me by a 77-year-old man, I wouldn’t be looking for a payoff” – WWF/WCW Legend On Allegations Against Vince McMahon

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Last month, a former WWE staff member, Janel Grant, initiated a civil lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE, claiming she was subjected to sex trafficking and sexual assault.

Shortly after the lawsuit, McMahon stepped down as Executive Chairman of TKO, WWE’s parent company.

Kevin Nash discussed the allegations and McMahon’s resignation extensively on his “Kliq This” podcast.

Nash expressed strong sentiments regarding the allegations against McMahon. He stated, “If these things were done to me by a 77-year-old man, I wouldn’t be looking for a payoff. I’d be looking for him to die in prison on criminal charges”, emphasizing the severity of the accusations.

Kevin acknowledged previous reports of multiple women signing NDAs related to McMahon but clarified he wasn’t involved in those situations and couldn’t confirm their validity.

Regarding McMahon’s legal situation, Nash stated, “He’ll have his day in court and this thing will play out”, indicating his belief in the judicial process.

While Nash considered the possibility of a consensual relationship between McMahon and Grant, he also acknowledged McMahon’s pattern of behavior leading to NDAs with women.

Nash supported the notion that if McMahon is proven guilty in a criminal trial, he should face imprisonment, emphasizing the need to hold predators accountable.

“If somebody is such a predator and so deadly, you lock that person up.”

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